is a North American company providing innovative, low cost, upgrade solutions for the electrical transmission industry. We use tools and procedures that deal with your thermal rating clearance issues economically and safely ensuring effective operating compliance.


Ampjack is an engineering venture initiated to develop and utilize transmission line procedures, tools and technologies providing full package solution systems to Utility and Transmission Line Owners worldwide searching for innovative, cost effective and safe transmission line upgrade solutions.


  • AMPJACK® Tower Raising
  • Corrosion Solutions
  • Transmission Line Engineering
  • Construction Operations
  • Construction Management Services
  • High-Voltage Training & Methodologies

Corrosion Services

Corrosion Testing of each tower leg

Ampjack Corrosion Services Profile

The Ampjack Corrosion Division is represented by Darren Wiebe and Viktor Lukashenko, who have 20+ years of experience in the electrical utility industry. Both Darren and Viktor have extensive experience developing and managing a portfolio of corrosion remediation programs in excess of $50 million. By bringing this expertise in-house, Ampjack is now able to consult and assist utility partners in the development of their corrosion programs. Ampjack has a range of turnkey solutions available for utility partners to life extend and remediate aging transmission line infrastructure.

Corrosion Services Profile

What's new

Southern California Edison tower located in the Angeles National Forest

Ampjack America Ltd completes an unprecedented tower raise (March 2020)

The Ampjack Team is extremely pleased to share this most recent tower raise project information with you all. We successfully completed this 220kV structure for Southern California Edison located in the Angeles National Forest addressing multiple challenges under extreme conditions. 

Tower raise parameters:

  • 220kV single circuit tangent tower with bundled conductors;
  • 15’-0 tower raise in total;
  • Custom scaffolding was flown in and installed as a working platform due to very challenging terrain: extremely uneven ground and nowhere to land or spot men and/or equipment;
  • The structure to be raised was located at the top of an inaccessible mountain peak situated between 2 dead-end structures with extremely unbalanced spans of approximately 100ft and 1300ft in each direction. To complete the tower raise and not induce over-tensioning of the conductors, tension mitigation was integrated into the lift sequencing in the form of dead-end hardware adjustments at the overhead ground wire and all phase conductors. Final wire tension mitigation was completed at each of the 2 adjacent dead-end structures to complete the tower raise process; 
  • Ampjack Crew size - 13, Traffic Control - 4, Helicopter crew - 2, Scaffolding crew - 3;
  • Total days to perform this raise: 6 days (3 days once AMPJACK® equipment was on site and wire tension mitigation was completed);
  • Ampjack Engineering complexities: Integrated work procedures to manage wire tensions during the lift sequencing and determining final dead-end hardware assemblies to get the correct final conductor length ensuring clearance upgrades and proper final tension on the adjacent spans;  
  • As a statement to our project scope flexibility, all crew members, AMPJACK® components, equipment and tooling were air (helicopter) lifted onto this small platform as well as onto the adjacent structures. (pictured)

With over 750 tower raises performed to date, and several tower raises currently under review for execution, we hope that this solution brings the Industry added value on grid resiliency as Utilities are looking to optimize existing assets for current/future demand in a cost-effective, eco-friendly and accelerated manner more than ever.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this and we look forward to your comments. We also encourage you to share this with your friends, colleagues and anyone you feel would be interested in learning more about our AMPJACK® solution.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Ampjack Team!

What's New

Southern California Edison’s 2018 Transmission Safety Recognition Award

Ampjack had the pleasure of receiving the Southern California Edison’s 2018 Transmission Safety Recognition Award! 

This award is a direct reflection of the entire AMPJACK® team’s commitment to safety. We are very grateful for everyone’s, contributions and efforts in helping us achieve this fantastic recognition. 

“The First award that we will be presenting tonight is recognizing a supplier that I was proud to nominate (Ampjack). This supplier performs a very valuable service for Edison. Their product and system allows Edison to raise towers without taking a line outage and also minimizes the impact to the environment. In 2018 this supplier raised 65 towers for SCE; (14) 500kV and (51) 220kV towers, this is very hazardous work with tons of weight, pinch points and, of course, energized lines. This supplier completed all this work with zero reported injuries. They use detailed work plans and are procedure driven. Their job sites are clean, well-organized, and run with great attention to detail. In multiple crew observations the field teams have consistently demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and superior communication with the subcontractors they partner with. They have dealt with SCE safety concerns in an open and transparent manner and respond to any concern in a timely manner. From the first exposure to the company they have impressed us with their safety culture, and commitment to continuous improvement. I am proud to ask AMPJACK® to please come forward to receive the 2018 award for Transmission Safety supplier of the year."

Dana Bullock
Director of Transmission - SCE


What's New

High-Voltage Training & Methodologies Services

Ampjack provides electrical utilities and power line contractors with a broad range of T&D training services. Our instructors and procedure/module developers have years of training and field experiance in distribution and transmission voltages up to 500 kV AC and 600 kV DC.

Ampjack HV Training