NACE Inspections - AMPJACK® Certified Professionals

NACE Inspections for Corrosion and Structural Assessments

Our specialized services cover above-ground and below-ground steel structure inspections. Committed to structural integrity, we offer comprehensive NACE-certified inspections and more. Whether it’s above-ground or below-ground assessments, we’re your dedicated partner for asset longevity.

We offer:

  • Structural integrity and estimated remaining life assessment
  • Coating assessments, cathodic protection testing and corrosion rate determinations
  • NACE certified coating and quality control inspectors
  • Field testing methods use NACE, ASTM and other industry standards
  • Development of Inspection Test Plans (ITP)
  • Recommendation reports and engineered specification writing
  • Logistics and project coordination
  • Project cost estimations
  • Material verification and inspection on behalf of clients, including but not limited to galvanized steel condition inspection of zinc thickness, white rust and mechanical damages

AMPJACK® delivers above-ground corrosion and structural assessments that include:

  • Corrosion and galvanizing inspections
  • Structural and overhead hardware climbing inspections

AMPJACK® delivers below-ground corrosion and structural assessments that include:

  • Excavations and detailed corrosion and structural assessments
  • Steel pitting and structural integrity assessments
  • Metallic and non-metallic coating thickness and condition assessment
  • Soil testing including resistivity, soluble salts, pH and corrosion-risk mapping
  • Half-cell potential, current requirement

Our team is a solution-oriented corrosion division of AMPJACK® Industries Ltd. For more information regarding Corrosion Services, please contact