Cathodic Protection System
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AMPJACK® Underground Cathodic Protection System Installations - Vancouver Island Project ​


Cathodic Protection System Project Introduction: 

From April to May 2022, AMPJACK® executed a comprehensive corrosion risk mitigation project on Vancouver Island for BC Hydro. The primary objective was to enhance the longevity of 54 existing lattice towers across multiple high-voltage transmission lines. The project encompassed the installation of cathodic protection systems, including sacrificial magnesium anodes, to preserve the structural integrity of the transmission infrastructure. Additionally, AMPJACK® conducted follow-up surveys at 3 and 6 months to verify the systems’ effective functioning. 


Project Challenges: 

The Vancouver Island project presented unique logistical challenges due to its remote location. The team had to navigate weather-related obstacles, including heavy rain and cool temperatures, further complicating the installation process. 


Solutions Proposed: 

AMPJACK® approached the project with meticulous planning and crew resiliency strategies. The team’s robust planning ensured efficient mobilization to the island, while their unwavering determination and adaptability helped overcome adverse weather conditions. 



Despite the challenges faced, AMPJACK® achieved outstanding results, successfully completing all 54 system installations within the agreed timeframe and contractual commitments. The project’s success stands as a testament to AMPJACK®’s expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch cathodic protection solutions, fortifying the transmission lines and securing BC Hydro’s infrastructure for the long term.