Company Overview

Engineering Capabilities

Our Engineering staff are heavily experienced in transmission utility challenges with specialities in new and upgrade design, structure raising, mid-span structure placement, reconductoring, Nip & Tuck, PLS CADD, Pole and Tower.

Ampjack Engineers are experienced in structure failure analysis and remediation design and implementation. A rare and key asset to Ampjack is our lead Engineer is also a Power Line Technician qualified to work on energized circuits up to 500 kV, allowing him access to energized structures normally restricted to engineers.

Operational Capabilities

Ampjack combines our multi-discipline service group to tackle the most challenging projects.

The Ampjack Operations team provides specialized turnkey Transmission Line Upgrade and Maintenance Services. Our supervisors and crews are experienced in all types of transmission construction and maintenance specializing in steel lattice repairs, upgrade and maintenance. A full service solution from initial inspection to final repair or upgrade is provided.

Our instructors and procedure/ module developers have years of training and field experience in distribution and transmission voltages, on both overhead and underground plant.

Our trainers are experienced in instructing our competency based training modules required by contractors using the AMPJACK® tower raising technology. Ampjack develops and executes transmission line safety and training models and courses for utilities and contractors.

Ampjack is an engineering venture initiated to develop and utilize transmission line procedures, tools and technologies providing full package solution systems to Utility and Transmission Line Owners worldwide searching for innovative, cost effective and safe transmission line upgrade solutions.

We take a unique approach to our engineered solutions by combining our multi-discipline service group of Engineers, Power Line Technicians, Operational Trainers and Asset Management Analysts, to tackle challenging transmission line upgrade and maintenance projects. This ensures the most economical, reliable and practical solution option is provided to the client.

Ampjack conducts specialized in-house engineering, fabrication and project management for all our projects. Providing design and engineering, maintenance and testing, upgrade program management, construction and turnkey EPC maintenance projects.  Our skilled team is sought throughout the industry for their practical expertise on many difficult transmission engineering challenges.