Desiged Solutions for Corrosion

In-House Design Engineered Solutions

AMPJACK® provides in-house engineered design solutions for corrosion control, structural and foundation repairs, modifications, reinforcements and replacements.

AMPJACK® works with its clients to determine the best solution for their application and environment and develops sound engineered drawings and specifications to complete the corrosion control or structural installations, repairs, replacements or upgrades.

AMPJACK® provides in-house design services that include:

  • Corrosion control and structural specifications, designs and mitigation solutions
  • Cathodic protection design
  • Protective coating selection and design
  • Structural modifications, repairs, replacements and upgrades
  • Foundation and tower upgrades
  • Bill of materials
  • Material and construction cost estimates
  • Development of safe work procedures


Furthermore, AMPJACK® has the in-house resources to implement all designs in-field for its clients or can work with clients to hire local labor resources while providing professional management and oversite during the implementation of designs.

Our team is a solution-oriented corrosion division of AMPJACK® Industries Ltd. For more information regarding Corrosion Services, please contact