Corrosion Solutions

Specializing in inspection, design and installation of protective coatings and cathodic protection for galvanized steel and weathering steel lattice towers and poles. Over the years we have provided clients with below-ground and above-ground services to estimate the remaining life of assets, ensure safety standards are met and asset management programs are prioritized, and repairs are done in a timely matter.

Ampjack creates corrosion solutions for clients to best manage their assets through protective coatings, cathodic protection and structural upgrades or repairs. Ampjack applies professional resources to solve and mitigate corrosion problems for those who want to realize value from managing their assets by implementing a proactive corrosion program.

Ampjack has a NACE certified corrosion team and provides the following list of services:

  • Below and above-grade corrosion detection

  • Standards and specification development

  • Material verification and inspection on behalf of clients

  • Corrosion-risk mapping

  • Corrosion audits and trouble-shooting for underground assets

  • Soil testing

  • Knowledge-based corrosion inspections

  • Structural integrity assessments

  • Estimated remaining life assessment

  • Cathodic protection and coating design, installation and monitoring

  • Corrosion management programs

  • Data management and real-time data access

  • PMP certified project management

Our team is a solution-oriented corrosion division of Ampjack Industries Ltd. For more information regarding Corrosion Services, please contact