AMPJACK® Tower Raising – The Benefits of our Exclusive System

The AMPJACK® tower raising system is essentially a “Crane in a Box” — deployed by a small crew, virtually anywhere in the world. It is fully modular and is engineered to lift just about any tower design — from simple, single circuit towers to complicated, multiple circuit towers.

Benefits of AMPJACK®

Advanced Technologies for a Better Solution

Basically we use a simple-to-install and simple-to-operate custom hydraulic system, the Ampjack mounts inside the body of the transmission line tower — a safe working zone for the crew where limits of approach are a concern.

Once installed on the tower, the AMPJACK® takes the entire load of the tower section and conductor which the tower supports and then raises it to the utilities specified amount.

Once the tower is lifted, new tower framing is bolted in place and the Ampjack is removed from the tower.

This means the tower can be raised without de-energizing the existing line, saving costly outages during the raising of the tower.

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Benefits of AMPJACK®

The AMPJACK® Tower Lift System provides high-voltage transmission utilities a solution to raise tower lines without taking an outage. Effectively optimizing power line resources, maximizing capacity and satisfying the growing demand for power around the world.

With the ability to safely lift the towers while the lines are energized, the utility saves costly outages, outage planning, contingency planning and scheduling while maintaining system reliability.

Eco Friendly Tower Raising

Using the AMPJACK® lift system, a crew of 8–10 qualified personnel and a small number of standard trucks are needed to complete the tower raise.

The entire AMPJACK® lift system is packaged in 8–12 custom job boxes which are easily transported with a light flat deck trailer.

It can be transported over just about any trail, roadway, or right-of-way that would otherwise be inaccessible by large cranes and heavy equipment.

Since the entire system is modular, the Ampjack can also be heli-lifted to the locations when towers aren’t accessible by road.

Using the AMPJACK® lift system can greatly reduce the environmental permitting process and expedite the construction plan and reduce permitting and ROW access costs.

The Engineering Process

  • Obtain utility information
    • Confirm thermal rating and required lift heights
    • Create or confirm PLS Tower Models
    • Develop AMPJACK® loads
  • Structure analysis and usage
  • Foundation analysis and usage
  • Tower Extension design


  • Upgraded PLS CADD and TOWER models
  • Extension layout and fabrication drawings
  • Detailed project implementation and construction plan
  • Training and technical support