Corrosion Services Installation by AMPJACK®

Corrosion Services Installation, Full Implementation of Designs

AMPJACK® provides in-house corrosion services installation services for full implementation of corrosion control and structural designs. Alternatively, based on a client’s requirements, AMPJACK® can manage locally supplied labor contractors and union workers to install cathodic protection systems, protective coating systems and structural steel upgrades or repairs.

AMPJACK® provides in-house installation and repair services that include:

    • Cathodic protection installation and monitoring
    • Anode replacement
    • Protective coating application and repair
    • Below-ground and above-ground structural repairs, modifications and upgrades
    • Replacement of corroded members and hardware
    • Supply of all tools, equipment, materials and labor
    • Development of maintenance programs including inspection cycles, system monitoring and reporting guidelines
    • Owner’s engineer for corrosion control program management

AMPJACK® implements project management processes that include:

    • Full project execution plans from implementation to completion that include documentation of planning, logistics, emergency preparedness, safety and environmental management, materials, communication and as-builts
    • PMP certified project managers delivering any size of project
    • Quality control and assurance documentation
    • Engineer/Procure/Construct/Manage (EPCM) contracts, or any variation of

Our team is a solution-oriented corrosion division of AMPJACK® Industries Ltd. For more information regarding Corrosion Services, please contact