Transmission Line Engineering

Transforming Transmission Line Engineering Projects with AMPJACK®

AMPJACK® is an innovative transmission engineering line solutions provider which specializes in high voltage electrical overhead transmission line upgrades and maintenance. Providing design and engineering, maintenance and testing, upgrade program management, construction and turnkey Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) maintenance projects.

AMPJACK® conducts specialized in-house engineering, fabrication and project management for all our projects. Our skilled team is sought throughout the industry for their practical expertise on many difficult transmission engineering challenges.

AMPJACK® engineers and technicians have extensive experience with engineering software used in the transmission line industry such as PLS-CADD, TOWER, PLS-POLE, Inventor Professional FEA and S-FRAME, and with 3D modelling software such as Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.

AMPJACK® has industry partnerships with firms which provide services such as Geotechnical engineering and Corrosion Protection programs.

Our engineering staff are experts in transmission utility challenges with specialties in upgrade design:

Transmission line engineering

  • Transmission line route selection
  • Optimal structure spotting
  • Conductor selection
  • Line Thermal rating
  • Project drawings and BOM
  • Contract documents and utility procurement support
  • Material procurement

Structural analysis and design

  • design criteria selection
  • structure modeling and analysis
  • structure and foundation loading assessment
  • steel lattice tower analysis and design
  • steel and wood pole and frame analysis and design
  • layout, assembly and fabrication drawing production

Upgrading and uprating studies

  • AMPJACK® tower raising solution
  • Conventional tower lifts, tower moves and mid-span structure
  • re-conductoring, re-sag and structure replacement

Root Cause Analysis & Remediation Solutions

  • root cause failure analysis
  • live line and live load tower repairs
  • tool design and safe work procedures

Tower and line inspections and condition assessment

  • above and below grade tower inspections
  • underwater tower inspections and repairs

Maintenance program management

  • data collection and inspections
  • scope of work development
  • as-built analysis and drawings
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