High-Voltage Training & Methodologies

Ampjack provides electrical utilities and power line contractors with a broad range of T&D training services. Our instructors and procedure/ module developers have years of training and field experience in distribution and transmission voltages, on both overhead and underground plant. Our personnel are very familiar with various utility and governing policies and procedures and adhere to such to promote safety in the work place.

The Ampjack training group works directly with the utility or contractor management, safety and operations personnel to come up with the best product to satisfy you, our client’s needs.

Below is a list of services that can be provided;

  • Development and delivery of new training programs
  • Consulting and modification to existing training programs
  • Development or modification of Utility or Contractor training facilities
  • Development or modification of Safe Work Procedures
  • Development and delivery of area specific training (example; Equipotential Grounding and Bonding)
  • Live Line Bare-hand training
  • Live Line Stick-work training
  • “Train the Trainer” training
  • Transmission Line Worker training

For more information regarding High-Voltage Training & Methodologies Services, please contact info@ampjack.ca