Ryan Troeller

Engineering Manager

Ryan Troeller has over 16 years of experience in electrical utilities specializing in the maintenance, design, construction and asset management of transmission line infrastructure to include project and contract management. This expertise was developed in real world conditions working closely with both office and field staff to ensure project success. He is presently the Engineering Manager at Ampjack Industries Ltd.

Mr. Troeller played a key role in the delivery of the Bipole III transmission project in Manitoba as the logistics engineer. This involved liaising with key stakeholders in design, procurement, construction, and project management to ensure personnel, vehicles, and materials were available when needed. As well, this work included the development and oversight of a materials management system, materials yard, contractors and operations staff.

Ryan Troeller has been a part of research and development committees looking at new technologies to complete inspection of hardware components, performing remaining life assessments on line components, and asset management.