Chris Stasiuk

Operations Manager

Chris is responsible for the daily operations of the tower raising, repair and inspection crews in both the US and Canada. As the senior AMPJACK® Technician Trainer, he leads the development and delivery of the AMPJACK® Technician and various training programs used in-house and for external clients.

Chris’ roots stem from the line trade. He is a Powerline Journeyman and has been in this industry since 1995. He spent 18+ years of his career at Manitoba Hydro in Transmission & Distribution Construction, Customer Service departments and as a grid trouble-man. He holds a certificate in adult education and was the senior instructor responsible for the Powerline Technician apprenticeship at the Manitoba Hydro Utilities Trades Training Center before coming over to Ampjack in 2014.

Chris currently works alongside our safety and engineering departments, developing work procedures for the AMPJACK® Lift System, tower repairs, rigging operations and transmission line tension mitigation activities. Chris plays a key role in the positive relationship between Ampjack’s engineering and operations groups which is a large part of our teams’ success.