Luke Chaput – President

Luke Chaput President As President, Luke is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Ampjack Industries/America Ltd. These functions include worldwide business development, mentoring the engineering, project and manufacturing teams and ensuring the company is fiscally responsible. Luke’s goal for the company is to continually develop new and functional methods which provide safe, sustainable solutions to the Electrical Industry. Luke brings over 32 years of experience in the utility industry. He started as a lineman apprentice at Manitoba Hydro in 1989, and his career path took him through the line trades into engineering and then into business when he entered Manitoba Hydro International. He left the utility after 22 years from the position of Business Development Manager and Special Projects Manager. He has also worked on numerous projects in the Caribbean and in South and Central America as a contract consultant. Luke is qualified as a professional engineer with a degree in Civil Engineering, as well as Journeyman Lineman and Live Line Specialist.

Nathan Stahl – VP Engineering​

Nathan Stahl VP Engineering Nathan is a licensed professional engineer (P.Eng) in several Canadian provinces, with 15 years of experience in the high-voltage transmission line and utilities industry. As Vice President of Engineering at Ampjack Industries Ltd., Nathan directs a multi-discipline team of engineers and external consultants and is responsible for overseeing the designs’ produced by the Ampjack engineering team. Nathan works to develop new and functional construction methods which provide safe and sustainable solutions to the high-voltage electrical industry. Much of Nathan’s focus is on the development of the AMPJACK® Lift System, tooling and work methodology, and implementing new technology applications in the maintenance, design, and construction of transmission line infrastructure. Nathan’s expertise includes the design, analysis and prototype testing of new and existing transmission towers, with extensive experience upgrading, retrofitting and modifying existing lattice towers. Nathan previously worked at Manitoba Hydro in the Generation Construction and Maintenance and Transmission Line Design departments, where he gained valuable experience in the construction of the Waskwatim Generating Station and design of the Bipole III transmission projects in Manitoba. At Ampjack, Nathan has been the lead design engineer for transmission line upgrade projects ranging from 115kV to 735kV voltage levels, successfully completing designs for 800+ lattice tower lifts at more than 15 utilities within North America.

Chris Stasiuk​ – Operations Manager​

Chris Stasiuk Operations Manager Chris is responsible for the daily operations of the tower raising, repair and inspection crews in both the US and Canada. As the senior AMPJACK® Technician Trainer, he leads the development and delivery of the AMPJACK® Technician and various training programs used in-house and for external clients. Chris’ roots stem from the line trade. He is a Powerline Journeyman and has been in this industry since 1995. He spent 18+ years of his career at Manitoba Hydro in Transmission & Distribution Construction, Customer Service departments and as a grid trouble-man. He holds a certificate in adult education and was the senior instructor responsible for the Powerline Technician apprenticeship at the Manitoba Hydro Utilities Trades Training Center before coming over to Ampjack in 2014. Chris currently works alongside our safety and engineering departments, developing work procedures for the AMPJACK® Lift System, tower repairs, rigging operations and transmission line tension mitigation activities. Chris plays a key role in the positive relationship between Ampjack’s engineering and operations groups which is a large part of our teams’ success.

Chris Thomas​ – Construction Manager​

Chris Thomas Construction Manager Chris began his career in the utility industry in 1997 as a Lineman working for Manitoba Hydro. He progressed through the apprenticeship program, acquiring his Journeyman Lineman certification in 2001 and his Live Line Journeyman certification in 2006. Chris held various positions during his 18-year career within the utility, achieving the Certificate in Management (CIM) designation in 2015. He oversaw the Recruitment and Training placement program for the Line Trades Training Department, held the positions of Assistant District Operator, Assistant District Supervisor and ended his career at the utility as a Department Coordinator. In 2015, Chris joined the Ampjack team as the Construction Manager bringing with him a strong background in leadership and project management. He currently manages multiple projects within the Ampjack portfolio, is the first point of contact for many of our clients and takes pride in developing service focused relationships with our customers.

Ryan Troeller​ – Engineering Manager​

Ryan Troeller Engineering Manager Ryan Troeller has over 16 years of experience in electrical utilities specializing in the maintenance, design, construction and asset management of transmission line infrastructure to include project and contract management. This expertise was developed in real world conditions working closely with both office and field staff to ensure project success. He is presently the Engineering Manager at Ampjack Industries Ltd. Mr. Troeller played a key role in the delivery of the Bipole III transmission project in Manitoba as the logistics engineer. This involved liaising with key stakeholders in design, procurement, construction, and project management to ensure personnel, vehicles, and materials were available when needed. As well, this work included the development and oversight of a materials management system, materials yard, contractors and operations staff. Ryan Troeller has been a part of research and development committees looking at new technologies to complete inspection of hardware components, performing remaining life assessments on line components, and asset management.