Corrosion Division wins a significant tower inspection Contract with Southern California Edison

Corrosion Service

At Ampjack, our commitment to delivering excellence has solidified strong and enduring relationships with valued clients like SCE (Southern California Edison). Over the years, we’ve been honored to collaborate with SCE on numerous transmission tower projects, specifically executing hundreds of tower raises across their extensive network.

Elevating Tower Inspections: A Value-Added Service

During these collaborations, our Ampjack Team went beyond the call of duty, consistently demonstrating the value-added service of tower inspections as an integral part of our tower-raising projects. It was this commitment to quality and safety that captured SCE’s attention.

SCE’s Strategic Choice: Tower Inspection Program

Recognizing the expertise and dedication we brought to the table, SCE made the strategic choice of selecting Ampjack Industries Ltd – Corrosion Division to spearhead an ambitious tower inspection program. This program encompasses over 12,500 lattice tower inspections within their network, a testament to SCE’s trust in our capabilities.

A New Chapter: Tower Inspections Set to Begin

As we stand on the cusp of October 2021, we eagerly anticipate the commencement of this massive tower inspection initiative. We understand the critical role these inspections play in ensuring the reliability and resilience of SCE’s transmission network.

Gratitude for SCE’s Trust

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to SCE for their unwavering confidence in our team and our services. This partnership signifies not only a shared commitment to excellence but also a shared vision for a safer, more reliable energy grid.