AMPJACK® Tower Raising Elevates Safety

Securing Transmission Towers: How AMPJACK® Elevates Safety

Safety in the world of transmission towers isn’t a mere requirement; it’s an uncompromising commitment. At AMPJACK®, we prioritize safety above all else in our operations. Join us as we explore how our AMPJACK® system goes the extra mile to secure transmission towers and protect our workforce.

Precision-Engineered Safety

AMPJACK® doesn’t leave safety to chance; it’s engineered into every aspect of our operations.Our tower lifting process incorporates a minimum 4:1 safety factor, ensuring that even under demanding conditions, our operations are well within safe parameters. Safety is not an afterthought but a core component of our design philosophy.

Weather-Resilient Operations

The safety of our team and your infrastructure isn’t negotiable. AMPJACK® Tower Lift Operations are carried out at wind speeds of 25 mph (40 km/h) or less and temperatures above -13°F (-25°C).We’re uncompromising when it comes to weather considerations. If severe weather looms, we don’t take chances – the raise is temporarily halted to maintain safety.

OSHA Compliance and Fall Arrest

Safety on the tower isn’t just a guideline; it’s the law. At AMPJACK®, we strictly adhere to OSHA Regulations. This means that 100% tie-off is mandatory for all personnel, ensuring that our team is safeguarded while working at heights.Our innovative AMPJACK® cube bracing serves as a reliable fall arrest attachment point, enhancing the safety of our workforce.

Qualified Personnel and Regulatory Compliance

Safety is a shared responsibility. Every AMPJACK® team member working near energized lines is not only qualified but also intimately familiar with all applicable safety regulations.We leave no room for shortcuts. Obtaining essential permits, such as Safety Hold-offs, is non-negotiable. Our commitment to compliance is unwavering.

Positive Control and Precision with AMPJACK® Lift System

The heart of our safety efforts lies in the AMPJACK® Lift System. This revolutionary technology provides an unprecedented level of security. By fully supporting the tower throughout the lift, it eliminates the risks associated with working under suspended loads.Furthermore, the AMPJACK® Lift System maintains positive control over tower sections, guaranteeing a level of accuracy that is unmatched.In conclusion, safety is the bedrock of every AMPJACK® Tower Raise operation. From precision engineering to weather-resilient protocols, OSHA compliance, and qualified personnel, we leave no stone unturned to ensure the safety of our team and the integrity of your infrastructure.Our AMPJACK® Lift System is not just a technological innovation; it’s a safety revolution. With AMPJACK®, you’re not just raising towers; you’re elevating safety to new heights.