The eco-friendly way to increase grid capacity without costly new construction

Lower cost for you and the environment

ExoGrid not only offers a cost-effective solution for expanding transmission capacity but also delivers significant environmental benefits by eliminating the need to build new right of ways for new towers on new land. By leveraging existing infrastructure, ExoGrid minimizes the environmental impact associated with land development, preserving natural habitats and reducing carbon emissions.

  • Provides a cost-effective means to expand transmission capacity.
  • Eliminates the necessity of constructing new towers and acquiring new land rights.
  • By utilizing existing infrastructure, ExoGrid reduces environmental impact, preserves natural habitats, and lowers carbon emissions.

Reduced timelines

Transmission capacity expansion projects can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. By building new towers over existing ones, ExoGrid can reduce the construction timeline by removing the need to replace or build new towers and foundations.

  • Enables transmission capacity expansion in significantly less time compared to traditional methods.
  • ExoGrid eliminates the need for replacing or building new towers and foundations.
  • Reduced construction timeline, a faster solution for enhancing transmission capacity.

Significantly reduced permitting

ExoGrid simplifies the permitting process by leveraging existing tower locations. With fewer new structures to permit, regulatory hurdles are significantly reduced, allowing projects to proceed smoothly and expeditiously.

  • Simplifies permitting by using existing tower locations.
  • Fewer new structures mean reduced regulatory hurdles.
  • Projects can proceed smoothly and quickly due to these streamlined processes.

Uses existing right of way

ExoGrid maximizes efficiency by utilizing the existing right of way for transmission lines. By building new towers overtop of existing ones, ExoGrid minimizes land use requirements and environmental impacts, while also preserving valuable land resources.

  • Maximizes efficiency by utilizing existing right of way for transmission lines.
  • Building new towers over existing ones minimizes land use and environmental impacts.
  • This approach preserves valuable land resources while enhancing efficiency.

Less downtime, more power

ExoGrid enables seamless capacity expansion with less interruption to existing transmission operations interrupting transmission operations. By constructing new towers over existing ones, some upgrades can be completed while the lines remain in use, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous service reliability.

  • Enables seamless capacity expansion with minimal interruption to existing transmission operations.
  • Construction of new towers over existing ones allows upgrades while lines remain in use.
  • This approach minimizes downtime and ensures continuous service reliability.

Our Process


We complete a full line analysis and design upgrade options to discover the full capacity achievable or to hit a new capacity.


We complete studies to determine the optimal phase configuration for the new towers.


Perform detailed analysis to assess foundation requirements for the new towers.


Select appropriate conductors based on project specifications and requirements.


Construction activities to install the new ExoGrid towers, expanding transmission capacity efficiently and effectively.

Upgrade your transmission system with existing right-of-ways

…and minimal downtime!