Specializing in Corrosion Program Development and Execution

Over time Ampjack has established unique steps and processes and developed specialized corrosion control programs. Ampjack is an EPCM contractor capable of executing any size field program to remediate aging infrastructure. Each corrosion program is comprehensive and includes engineered specifications, designs and safe work methods, supply of all tools, materials, equipment and labor to complete the in-field work, and final as-built reports delivered to the client upon completion of the work. All inspection, design and installation work is completed in-house by the Ampjack team.

Ampjack provides specialized corrosion programs that include:

  • Tower Assessment (TA) programs

  • Atmospheric Tower Painting (ATP) programs

  • Below-Ground Protective Coating (BGPC) programs

  • Below-Ground Remediation (BGR) programs

  • Cathodic Protection (CP) programs

Each corrosion program can be implemented independent of one another or supplementary to another program. Ampjack will work closely with its clients to determine what program best suits your needs.

Our team is a solution-oriented corrosion division of Ampjack Industries Ltd. For more information regarding Corrosion Services, please contact info@ampjack.ca.