SaskPower – Energized 115kV Double Circuit Tower Restoration

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Creighton, Saskatchewan


Ampjack repaired 15 critically damaged and leaning towers on a remote northern 115kV double circuit transmission line using a modified AMPJACK® tower lift system.

Ampjack assembled a project team that included Big Ice Services and APE Drilling to complete this challenging project. Big Ice Services constructed +70km of ice and winter roads for access to the tower sites. APE Drilling provided the foundation installation solutions needed for the rough and rugged terrain, and unknown subsurface conditions.  Ampjack managed the project, completed the design, material procurement and construction services, including tower upgrades, levelling, corrosion repairs and cathodic protection installation.  

The critically damaged and leaning towers were restored and upgraded by Ampjack, using engineered live line and live load construction methods. Critical damage included structures which were leaning more than 7Ft at the peak, and severe corrosion of the foundation legs below the groundline with more than 80% section loss.   

The collaborative approach to this project resulted in the critical asset maintenance project being completed on time and on budget.   



Big Ice Services

Apollo Piling – APE Drilling