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What is the AMPJACK®?

The AMPJACK®  is a revolutionary system for raising high voltage tranmission line towers while keeping the power lines energized. AMPJACK® is a high voltage transmission line tower lift solution that doesn't require traditional cranes and heavy equipment. A key benefit of using AMPJACK® is that towers can be raised, while the power lines remains energized. This function provides significant system reliability improvements and saves the utility lost revenue over traditional methods of raising transmission line towers.


The Ampjack Solution: How Ampjack Works

Luke Chaput of Winnipeg-based Ampjack Industries explains an innovative solution to raising power lines.

The Ampjack Solution: Working in Tight Spaces

David Reineke, Manager, Transmission Assets and Field Services as SaskPower, explains the challenges of using cranes for conventions line lifts.

Buffalo Tower Raising

Buffalo, New York. November 2013.


Raising Towers in Buffalo, New York

The AMPJACK® raising transmission line towers in Buffalo New York, September 2013.

IBEW Hour Power - Ampjack

There's more demand than ever for power -- everything we do seems to take juice of one sort or another. And utilities and their lines are feeling the pinch. The grid hasn't been substantially upgraded since the mid 20th century -- and the increased load put on these lines isn't helping the situation.

Traditionally, getting those lines higher in the air so they can take more load was expensive for the utility and involved taking done long corridors of lines. But a new technology is changing that -- and the men and women of the IBEW are leading the way. It's called the Ampjack.

IBEW Hour Power is an online video magazine that is designed to highlight the pride, professionalism and success of the IBEW. Hour Power is created to increase the professional bond between our members and to showcase them at work to anyone who is willing to watch. Hour Power will allow our members to share tips, win prizes and have a little fun along the way.

Demonstration Transmission Tower Raise - November 15th, 2012

The AMPJACK® is a revolutionary system for raising high voltage tranmission line towers while keeping the power lines energized. On November 15th, 2012 the AMPJACK® team staged a demonstration of the technology to a group of forty people who attended the event to see first-hand how the AMPJACK® performs in real-world situations.